Ten-ish things

Ten things (actually 8 ):

1) I took Japanese dancing lessons from age 3.5 to 18 (I will post a picture here once I find one – for proof). My dancing partner and I (both Happa – google it), were hilarious. Between the Ono’s and the Yamaguchi’s and the Watanabe’s, we were introduced as: Kristine Blotski and Caroline Smith, we sort of stood out.

2) I don’t eat eggs, my friends in college used to call them e.g.g.s (spell out e-g-g) so as not to gross me out. childhood trauma from one of my brothers.

3) At some point after college – I developed a reaction to poultry (totally unrelated to the egg thing above), cannot eat it without gastrointestinal distress. I’ve met like 5 ppl who also suffer this. I think it has something to do with hormones or antibiotics fed to poultry nowadays.

4) Speaking of #3, I am also allergic to many many medications (lucky me!) ;o(

5) I really, honestly am more like a Seinfeld character than you think. If there is ever an emergency – don’t count on me, I am George Costanza.

6) I used to think that “Another Brick in the Wall” was “Another Break in the Law” I still don’t know what the hell they are  singing in this song: “revved up like a douche in the middle of the night”… (OK, so I “know” what they are saying now, but I didn’t for years). Also: “You’re the one that I want” = “You’re the Wizard of O’s”. I did mention that I’m tone deaf and a little you know – stupid, right?

7) I am a perfectionist, or immobilized by the fear of not being good at stuff, horrible affliction. I am really trying to improve that. (Hope I’m good at improving!) 🙂

8 ) I would someday like to write a book about my bachan (grandma), not for other people to read per se, but to make sure that my memories of her do not leave this world when I die, women like her need to be remembered.

9)I think that’s about it. Maybe I will add 9-10 if I can think of something of interest…. 🙂

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3 Responses to Ten-ish things

  1. Becky says:

    That’s 8 reasons for me to love knowing you!

  2. Mary says:

    Eight is good. I now know you better than I did before reading this.

    I would love to hear more about grandmother. Perhaps you could start your book, by writing about her here.

    On a related note in regards to #7 and writing. All writers start with “shitty” first drafts. We all rewrite. I have a minimum of three, usually more on just about anything I write.

    Well done!

    I am glad you did this. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Dani H says:

    1. Hope you find a photograph to post.
    2. I didn’t eat eggs for over a year after an experiment in high school biology class.
    4. Me too, including negative reactions to antihistamines – do you have any idea how many medications include antihistamines?
    9. Wonderful friend to have on one’s side.
    10. Easy to love. Even before your morning coffee.
    *Big Squishy Hugs Full of Affection*

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